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AADs:  0.41   |    ACCESS:  4.39   |    ACI:  0.01      |    ADB:  5.06   |    AGA:  37.00      |    ALW:  0.11   |    BOPP:  2.10   |    CAL:  0.70   |    CLYD:  0.03   |    CMLT:  0.11   |    CPC:  0.03      |    DASPHARMA:  0.40   |    DIGICUT:  0.09   |    EGH:  7.00   |    EGL:  1.40   |    ETI:  0.06   |    FML:  1.05   |    GCB:  3.70   |    GGBL:  1.00   |    GOIL:  1.50   |    GSR:  9.50   |    HORDS:  0.10   |    ILL:  0.05   |    MAC:  5.98      |    MLC:  0.09   |    MMH:  0.11   |    MTNGH:  0.61   |    PBC:  0.03   |    PKL:  0.05   |    PZC:  0.38   |    RBGH:  0.41   |    SAMBA:  0.55   |    SCB:  15.00   |    SCB Pref:  0.87   |    SIC:  0.10   |    SOGEGH:  0.64   |    SWL:  0.05      |    TBL:  0.34   |    TOTAL:  2.35   |    Tullow:  11.92   |    UNIL:  10.21   |   

Investors Guide:

Know Yourself  ||  Be informed  ||  Know your short-term and long-term cash needs?  ||  Seek professional advice?  ||  Have a long term view  ||  Diversify to Control Risk  ||  Know who to contact  ||  Advancers Propel Indices  ||  Indices decline  ||  

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SERVICES | Investment Advisory

Prudential StockBrokers Ltd has a track record of delivering excellent investment advice to its clients, both individual and corporate as well as to local and international investors.

Prudential StockBrokers Ltd has a track record of delivering excellent investment advice to its clients, both individual and corporate as well as to local and international investors.


This, we do by identifying client’s investment objectives, followed by analyzing the client’s risk profile and appetite in relation to the various products and services delivered by PSBL. Furthermore, the risk profile of the client is also analyzed in relation to the general market environment to help provide them with tailor made solutions.


Prudential StockBrokers Ltd has a wide range of network with selected brokerarge firms and other partners in delivering the needs of its clients. This extensive experience and relationships offer PSBL the opportunity to deal in various investments on the financial market.


PSBL deals in selected instruments such as equities, bonds and any other instruments traded on the Ghana Stock Exchnage.


We deliver exceptional services to our clients by offering quick response time and current information on prospective investment options in Ghana.



Why Invest with PSBL?


  • What distinguishes us from other firms is the quality of services we offer through:
    • Our commitment to delivering the best services to our clients.
    • Our strength is in our diverse background, training, good listening ear and knack for spotting opportunities where few would look.


  • Your appreciation, your satisfaction and your willingness to do more business with us is our accomplishment.


  • We approach every task as a team relying on each other’s skills for its successful completion


  • We do our utmost best to act in our client’s best interest within the laws and ethical principles.


  • We have accomplished nothing where our clients are not satisfied and their objectives not achieved.


  • Client confidentiality is our hallmark and to us , it is unthinkable to break such confidence


Industry Analysis

Market Watch


Prudential StockBrokers Limited (PSBL) was incorporated on 25th October, 2012, and was certified to commence business on 26th October, 2012, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Bank Limited (PBL). The company is licensed by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Broker-Dealer and Ghana Stock Exchange(GSE) as a Licensed Dealing Member (LDM).

Industry Analysis
 Prudential Stockbrokers Industry Analysis Service gives you the advantage of a database service. An analysis designed to help you remain fully abreast with the trends in the various industries within the Ghanaian economy.
Industry Analysis
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