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AADs:  0.41   |    ACCESS:  4.39   |    ACI:  0.01      |    ADB:  5.06   |    AGA:  37.00      |    ALW:  0.11   |    BOPP:  2.10   |    CAL:  0.70   |    CLYD:  0.03   |    CMLT:  0.11   |    CPC:  0.03      |    DASPHARMA:  0.40   |    DIGICUT:  0.09   |    EGH:  7.00   |    EGL:  1.40   |    ETI:  0.06   |    FML:  1.05   |    GCB:  3.70   |    GGBL:  1.00   |    GOIL:  1.50   |    GSR:  9.50   |    HORDS:  0.10   |    ILL:  0.05   |    MAC:  5.98      |    MLC:  0.09   |    MMH:  0.11   |    MTNGH:  0.61   |    PBC:  0.03   |    PKL:  0.05   |    PZC:  0.38   |    RBGH:  0.41   |    SAMBA:  0.55   |    SCB:  15.00   |    SCB Pref:  0.87   |    SIC:  0.10   |    SOGEGH:  0.64   |    SWL:  0.05      |    TBL:  0.34   |    TOTAL:  2.35   |    Tullow:  11.92   |    UNIL:  10.21   |   

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Know Yourself  ||  Be informed  ||  Know your short-term and long-term cash needs?  ||  Seek professional advice?  ||  Have a long term view  ||  Diversify to Control Risk  ||  Know who to contact  ||  Advancers Propel Indices  ||  Indices decline  ||  

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Investment Advisory

The best way to minimize risk is to diversify your investments across various investment products. If equities are your sole investments, it makes sense to diversify between different companies and sectors. In this way, loss made on some investments can be absorbed by gains made in others, keeping the overall return on investments positive.


Ghana Fixed Income Market Manual

There is hereby established the Ghana Fixed Income Market (GFIM). It will within the initial years of its existence, operate under a governing committee of stakeholders and subsequent to that period, a separate limited liability company will be incorporated.

Indices decline

The stock market opened the week on a quiet note with one equity advancing; the search for bargain deals in GCB Bank, Enterprise Group and Aluworks however led to declines in these stocks. The indices were thus  weighed down by the decliners.

Advancers Propel Indices

A block trade in the shares of Ecobank Transnational incorporated was one of the highlights of today’s trading activity. The market indices closed higher on the back of gains in four equities.

What is Investment

Generally, every activity that is done today but which yeilds profit at a later date can be described as an investment. Investment involves postponing today’s consumption in order to put your savings to work.


Investment can also be described as the bridge between having savings/surplus cash and reaping returns. In other words, investment has the potential to move the savings/surplus funds of one person/entity to another who needs or requires those funds.

Why Invest

Investment is a necessary condition for wealth creation. Investment helps in realizing one's dreams such as buying a car, house, or paying for your child's education at a future date.

What is Equity Investment

Equity investments are investments in ventures or corporate entities which do not guarantee any returns and the investment does not mature unlike money market investments. Equity investment can either be in the form of ordinary shareholding or preference shareholding.  Equity investors only receive dividend if paid and enjoy capital gains when the price of the share goes up and vice-versa. Equity investments are traded in Ghana on the Ghana Stock Exchange. 

Who can buy shares on the GSE

Any individual who is 18 years or above or corporate bodies can invest on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Such an individual must understand that investment on the Ghana Stock Exchange is long-term and that there are risks involved, especially during the short-term. The investment will be guided by the investment objective and horizon for which you intend to retrieve your investment.

What are the procedures for buying shares

Every investor who wishes to buy shares on the GSE should have or open a GSD Account (Security Account) to enable transaction executed on his/her account through the automated platform of the Ghana Stock Exchnage.

What are the procedures for selling shares

An investor who wants to sell shares should have a GSD account, if not then the investor will have to open a GSD account before the sale instruction can be carried.

How long should I hold my investment in shares

Investment time horizon refers to the period of time an investor is prepared to wait for his/her investment to mature. The investment time horizon is determined by the investor. For instance, Mr. Mo Kamara may have GH¢10 million today to invest and would want it back in four months while Mr. Awuah who has the same amount to invest may need the money back in 5 years. In this case Mo Kamara has a short-term investment horizon while Mr. Awuah has a long-term investment horizon.


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