Stock Market Prices:

AADs:  0.41   |    ACCESS:  4.39   |    ACI:  0.01      |    ADB:  5.06   |    AGA:  37.00      |    ALW:  0.11   |    BOPP:  2.10   |    CAL:  0.70   |    CLYD:  0.03   |    CMLT:  0.11   |    CPC:  0.03      |    DASPHARMA:  0.40   |    DIGICUT:  0.09   |    EGH:  7.00   |    EGL:  1.40   |    ETI:  0.06   |    FML:  1.05   |    GCB:  3.70   |    GGBL:  1.00   |    GOIL:  1.50   |    GSR:  9.50   |    HORDS:  0.10   |    ILL:  0.05   |    MAC:  5.98      |    MLC:  0.09   |    MMH:  0.11   |    MTNGH:  0.61   |    PBC:  0.03   |    PKL:  0.05   |    PZC:  0.38   |    RBGH:  0.41   |    SAMBA:  0.55   |    SCB:  15.00   |    SCB Pref:  0.87   |    SIC:  0.10   |    SOGEGH:  0.64   |    SWL:  0.05      |    TBL:  0.34   |    TOTAL:  2.35   |    Tullow:  11.92   |    UNIL:  10.21   |   

Investors Guide:

Know Yourself  ||  Be informed  ||  Know your short-term and long-term cash needs?  ||  Seek professional advice?  ||  Have a long term view  ||  Diversify to Control Risk  ||  Know who to contact  ||  Advancers Propel Indices  ||  Indices decline  ||  

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Investment Advisory

The best way to minimize risk is to diversify your investments across various investment products. If equities are your sole investments, it makes sense to diversify between different companies and sectors. In this way, loss made on some investments can be absorbed by gains made in others, keeping the overall return on investments positive.


Prudential StockBrokers Limited provides stock market advice to investors and executes transactions on the floor of the Exchange. We provide the following services:


  • Identify and assist companies (private and public), to go public on the GSE through initial Public Offerings (IPOs)


  • Educate and advise institutional and individual investors on the opportunities in the securities market in Ghana.


  • Facilitate the trading of securities on the GSE for individuals, institutions, collective schemes, market funds, non-resident Ghanaians and foreign nationals resident in Ghana.


  • Facilitate tracking and retrieval of investments with various registars for both institutional and retail clients.



PSBL's Relationships


Prudential Bank Limited (PBL) is our parent company and with their universal banking license they provide domestic and international banking services with a strategic focus on project financing, trade financing, export development and SME financing.


Prudential Securities Limited (PSL) an associate company provides investment advisory and fund management services to the general public, welfare or provident fund schemes, institutions, pension schemes, collective investment schemes, etc.


PSBL’s affiliation with PBL and PSL help to increase financial intermediation, distribution and marketing which enables PSBL serve her clients efficiently and effectively.


Industry Analysis

Market Watch


Prudential StockBrokers Limited (PSBL) was incorporated on 25th October, 2012, and was certified to commence business on 26th October, 2012, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Bank Limited (PBL). The company is licensed by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Broker-Dealer and Ghana Stock Exchange(GSE) as a Licensed Dealing Member (LDM).

Industry Analysis
 Prudential Stockbrokers Industry Analysis Service gives you the advantage of a database service. An analysis designed to help you remain fully abreast with the trends in the various industries within the Ghanaian economy.
Industry Analysis
Equity Market